Meet Gavin Clauser

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things in life that are out of our control. One thing we are in control of, is our perspective of it. If we choose to focus on the negative, you’ll find yourself wallowing in self-pity. If you focus on the positive, then you will be able to find the light that drives you to prosper. With that being said, I’d like you to meet one of my long-time friends and previous clients:

April 25, 2019

Me: Tell everyone who you are and a little about yourself.

Gavin: “My name is Gavin Clauser. When I was fourteen years old, while racing motocross, I crashed and broke my neck at the C3- C5 level. When it first happened, I couldn’t feel anything from the neck down, I couldn’t move anything from the neck down…. One day you know I wake up as a normal kid and I have one little mistake, and from that day on nothing was the same.”

After my injury, it was scary for everybody in my entire family including my friends because we had no idea what this injury entailed and what it had in store for us. I was sent to Renown in ICU- I was there for a month. In that time doctors told us that I had bruised and stretched my spinal cord that it was just a normal bruise and that once the bruise went away I would be normal and walking and everything would be fine again. Even though it wasn’t accurate it kept me supremely positive; I wasn’t worried about the whole thing I wasn’t really worried if I was going to walk or not because I had a little bit of hope that it was going to just be alright. So after a little over a month there I was sent to sac to a place called Shriners, which was actually a pretty terrible experience. The very first day that I got there, they told me that I would never be out of a power chair, that I would never be able to push my own wheel chair, the chances of me being able to move again were slim to none. So the beginning of the injury was ups and downs, twists and turns and full of just unknowns.

Me: When and how did you meet Mikala and how dd she help in your transition?

Gavin: So I met Mikala two three years after my injury at that time I was looking for a therapy or something to do I was going to a therapy once a week, they were trying their best to do everything they could but with their limited resources they couldn’t do a lot and Chris introduces me to Mikala who was a personal trainer who willing to work with me and that was kind of rare because I’ve had personal trainers in the past say that they wanted to work with me but when it actually came time to work with me they would get scared and act like I was fragile. So when I met Mikala she changed the way I looked at physical fitness, nutrition, kind of how my whole way of life is because I didn’t understand how much the body can affect you. For not moving and not doing anything before I met her. When I met her, it completely changed my strength, my independence, and my ability to do things- my whole happiness in general went through the roof. For so long I was hopeless and thought there wouldn’t be anybody to help me, and then I met Mikala who just kind of fueled my fire to push through and continue to get better.

Me: How has your outlook on life changed since your injury?

Gavin: To be able to find what I wanted to do it took a lot of gratitude to be grateful. Before my injury I would say I was motivated, I was still thankful for the things that I had. But I took everything for granted. And now I am just thankful to wake up out of bed, to take a shower every day. I am so thankful for the sun being out, seeing birds fly around. I’m just grateful to be alive now when before I would just take things for granted and just continue life like it was just another day.

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