Everything Happens For A Reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some of our life experiences are more painful than others, but these are the ones that we gain the most self growth. Although we may not immediately understand how these experiences impact our lives, as time goes on we are able to look back at the lessons we learned and understand that our experiences shape who we are. This blog has greatly focused on major life transitions and discussed how myself, and others, have been able to get through them. Coincidently, I have recently learned that my mom has just been faced with one herself.

At 56 years old, she was asked by her business partners to leave the restaurant that she has worked at for the last 20 years. On top of that, her rent has increased beyond her means and is forced to move out by the end of the month. Life as she has known it for as long as she can remember has just ended; she is going through the biggest transition of her lifetime. This has made me even more aware of the importance of living in the moment because this is proof that no matter what age or stage we are in life, there will always be obstacles and struggles as we continue down this journey of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Initially, my mom felt that her whole world had fallen. She felt she had failed and began to feel lost. As days passed, she was able to self reflect. She realized that she had allowed this job to consume her and let life pass her by. She found the positive in this new chapter of life and began to look towards the future and all of the opportunities she had. She would be able to finally be a part of my life, get out of her comfort zone that lacked the happiness she deserves, and was able to learn more about her self and discover what she truly wants in life.

There is no finish line in life, the world doesn’t stop turning and we never stop evolving. My advice not only to my mom, but to all of you as well, is to live with humility. We must understand that we are always growing. Embrace your life’s experiences and remember to live in the moment. The hard times are temporary. Don’t get consumed by outside forces, and take the time to self reflect and reassess your personal goals. We have one life, so live it.

Photo Credit: Mikala Huebner

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