One Step At A Time

What is time? Time is an arbitrary and abstract concept that we revolve our lives around. We pay so much attention to it while at the same time we are constantly losing it. We schedule our days to the minute; trying to fit all of life’s expectations in what we are told is a twenty-four-hour day.

Have you ever felt that there’s not enough time in your day to accomplish your obligations? By putting so much significance on time, we often overload ourselves with more than we can handle. We begin to go through each day stressing about our next destination and exhausting ourselves to finish each and every task. This lifestyle eventually leads you to becoming burnt out; your health, your happiness, and your quality of life become at risk.

The key is to be more structured and organized with our time in a similar fashion as we budget our money. When we don’t structure our time, we are constantly behind and stressed out to be everywhere in hurry. By being organized, this allows us to be ahead of time, where we are not constantly in the hustle and bustle of life. When you are proactive you allow yourself to have excess time in your day. For example, when I do not organize my time and procrastinate, I put unneeded stress on myself. To alleviate the anxiety, we feel through the day, we must structure our specific tasks that day. By doing so, we give our selves extra time. Relieving ourselves of these extra stressors we allow ourselves to be more mentally and emotionally content.

Time is valuable and is something you can never get back. Whatever it is that you do: make “to do” lists, write in a calendar, or make a million sticky notes to find your method that keeps you ahead of the game.

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