Coping with daily stressors and life’s obstacles

As much as we try to plan, we truly will never be in control. We can’t anticipate the challenges life throws at us; those moments when we’re faced with obstacles when we least expect it. Have you ever had a day that you thought to yourself, “Can this day get any worse?” Then before you know it, something happens that just pushes you over the edge, and there you are balling your eyes out, throwing your hands up in surrender. Well, I have these days more than I’d like to admit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am the only one at fault.

                If you are constantly searching for the negative, I promise you, you’ll find it. You can’t let one obstacle dictate your emotions for the rest of your day. Today, I got pulled over on my way to my midterm after I just got emails from my professor informing me that my work has been “unlike me.” Want to know what I did? I just started crying to the police officer- which may be why he only gave me a warning. My point is, I still had my midterm. I had to suppress all these emotions that I was feeling, because that midterm was not going to go away. I couldn’t bring all that negative energy with me because all that would do is instill fear within myself. Right there, you’re setting yourself up for defeat.

                My dad has always told me that fear comes from looking too far forward, and pain comes from looking backwards. He says, you have no pain looking into the future and no fear when you look back; the key is to stay in the moment. This is a philosophy learned from Buddhist teachings.

If you’re having a “bad day,” my advice to you, is to not dwell on the negativity. Leave the past behind, don’t think too far ahead, and live in the moment.

 Please feel free to add to these thoughts or share your feedback.

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